Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Write or Die is great fun for terrifying yourself into 5+ minutes of work

The timer signalling when your session ends is a blessing. That said, I didn't look at it once.

Okay I guess I have to start writing so here I am, fudging out word after word after word in the grim hope that by the end of the next five minutes, I will have succeeded in clawing together five hundred silly little words, all in a row. Or a paragraph, at least. If I don't keep a steady stream of words going, my words will start to eat themselves. I am using Write Or Die.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Not even close

Okay, so this might be easier to put out if I don't try to make it into something. Apologies if it makes little sense.

As he was, so he shall be

Tuesday July 14 2009 - I think that's the first Giant Bombcast I listened to. It was about California Extreme, and I had just returned home from a year in Paris. In my final few weeks there, I was reading up on Jeff Gerstmann, and found out that the whole Gamespot thing had happened, and that Giant Bomb was a new site he had founded with a bunch of other ex-Gamespot staffers, including one Ryan Davis. I had no idea who Ryan Davis was.

Today that seems like such an alien idea.