Thursday, March 3, 2011

PAX East: Preparing For Launch

What will get in my way?

Today is one my final few days in the country before I depart on a journey that will ultimately take me to Penny Arcade Expo East. Being my first experience of a convention, as seems in fact to be the case for many people I to which I have spoken, I am really keen to witness this quintessentially American experience. Of course, there are similar conventions that exist closer to home, but when it comes to the crunch of indulging and nourishing a niche market, the vastness of The States lends it a considerable advantage.

The long run-up to Emergence Day has been fraught with the purchase of consoles, cables, gifts and all manner of items as I ceaselessly convince myself of that one more particular thing that I’m going to need over the coming week.

Yesterday marked the initial strike of PAX: the FedEx arrival of our badges. The second  attack wave came this morning, courtesy of @Official_PAX tweeting a photograph of the convention hall. That’s a big place, but by all accounts, they’re going to fill it.

DSi-wise, I have managed to so far acquire Metroid Prime Hunters and Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training. The latter is good fun, if a pretty solo affair; the former Samus Aran vehicle is still mostly beyond me. I have only owned one Metroid title previously, on the Gameboy. It made no sense, and neither does this one. Perhaps it will improve over time. I sure hope so.

This marks what might potentially be my final posting before my return. If I can find access to a computer and, more importantly, time to devote to posts while I’m there, I will upload something to stave off your hunger temporarily. Expect a lot of excitement and news afterwards. There may even be photographs.

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