Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Sidebar: Meet Brendon Chung of Blendo Games

Today marks the final day of PAX Prime all the way over in Seattle, WA. If you’re there, and you haven’t already checked it out, make a beeline  this afternoon straight for the all-new Indie Megabooth. In the run up to the event, I made a quick stop with Brendon Chung of Blendo Games this week. Just like all the great teams working there this weekend, he was knee-deep in last-minute PAX preparation, but I still managed to get some information on his upcoming game, Quadrilateral Cowboy. Read on to find out more!

brendonchung 252x300 Sunday Sidebar: Meet Blendo Games
Meet Brendon Chung, the one man show behind Blendo Games.
Please introduce yourself, Brendon.
I’m Brendon Chung, and I make games. I got my start with making mods and maps for existing games, then I spent a number of years in the AAA development side of the industry, and now I run my own independent game company called Blendo Games. I’ve released a number of titles over the past couple of years, including FlotillaAtom Zombie Smasher,Gravity Bone, and most recently, Thirty Flights of Loving.
How did you come up with ‘Blendo Games’?
I think it captures the irreverent tone I try to put in my work.
When Pandemic closed its doors in 2009, that must have been tough going. You’d already released Gravity Bone beforehand, but what was it like to decide to go it alone?
It was a bit on the terrifying side. I didn’t have any business experience, and the economy was in a fairly awful spot. But, I grew up making small personal projects, so in a sense I returned to my roots with Blendo Games.
You’re a one-man show. What’s the toughest thing about solo games development?
Having perspective is the hardest part. I know how all the gears turn because I made every one of them, so it’s difficult to evaluate what works and what doesn’t. Thankfully I have great friends and family who give the best kind of feedback possible – the brutally honest kind.
What’s a day in your life like?
One great thing about working independently is the freedom over my schedule. If there’s a cool museum showing or if I want to go on a jog during the middle of the day, then that’s what I end up doing that day.
How did you get involved with the upcoming Megabooth?
A spot opened up about a month ago. Some indie friends pointed that out to me, and I jumped on the opportunity. The Indie Megabooth is pretty amazing, and I’m pretty lucky to be a part of it, and glad to be showing off Quadrilateral Cowboy.
Update (09/05/2012): So, Brendon, how was your first Megabooth?
This was my first Indie Megabooth experience, and it was a great one at that.
On one hand you were surrounded by great developers who were more than happy to help each other out in any way. Then you have this direct stream of people interested in playing new and experimental stuff, finding their way to one of the best places for that.
So, in short, Indie Megabooth was just amazing. I also wrote about my experience with running the booth here.
quadrilateral cowboy 1 610x381 Sunday Sidebar: Meet Blendo Games
From these shots, the game currently looks striking, abstract, and still very conceptual.
quadrilateral cowboy 2 610x381 Sunday Sidebar: Meet Blendo Games
Note the in-game instructions on the wallboard, aiding level navigation.
What inspired Quadrilateral Cowboy? It all sounds very Hackers to me.
I grew up with old computers and analog technology. I wanted to make a love letter of sorts to that old, clunky hardware. There’s a certain romance about it.
Can you explain how the game works?
You play as a hacker-saboteur. With your portable computer and various tools, you’re tasked with infiltrating various facilities quietly and efficiently.
It sounds neat. Do you have any release plans beyond PC?
I haven’t yet fully figured out the logistics for release.
 Sunday Sidebar: Meet Blendo Games
That’s one of these bad boys, retro fans.
Finally, what is your prized geek possession? Is there anything you’re still holding onto from way back when?
I still clutch onto a 1976 Tele-match 4 machine for all my Pongneeds.
Thanks very much for your time, Brendon, and good luck with the show!
Thanks very much, and thank you!

Quadrilateral Cowboy is currently in development with no scheduled release date.

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