Thursday, March 30, 2017

20170330 Short session, good outcome

We only had a single development session this week, but it went very well.

This past weekend, the office we use for work, Indies Workshop, relocated from SoDo to Capitol Hill. With that move came the loss of our previously large VR development space. In its place, we must (at least temporarily) make do with a small converted conference room.

With the help of another member of the office, I spent the late afternoon getting the room ready for work. This meant that part of tonight's work was focused on figuring out how to most optimally arrange the room in order to facilitate getting work done, and not getting in each other's way. It has enough space for about 4 people sitting at a table, but 2 people can only just walk around without getting in each other's way.

That said, we found a setup that worked for the most part, and commenced the next steps on our prototype. Namely, refactoring some code and breaking things out into their own scripts (at this stage everything was running in a single script, which was messy for a whole bunch of reasons), and adding the next 'ability' that we wanted to explore. It went great. Our initial planning was way over the top, and we were happy to see that Unity does exactly what we want without the slightly complicated vector math that we had planned for.

Another successful evening! If things continue on this path, I think we'll have something demonstrable by the end of June.

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