Tuesday, May 16, 2017

20170516 Game-y systems added

Tonight we added a few methods to implement game features in the scene. This gives the player a goal to aim at, but doesn't yet explicitly direct them to do so. There remains pretty decent potential to keep this concept open, to not too strongly direct the player to do anything in particular, so that they may have fun as they see fit. The split here is between what is a 'game' and what is a 'toy' - right now we're on that knife-edge, and are in no rush to close off either option.

To truly embrace its game status, of course, we added particle effects. You know you're doing something right when particles start firing, right? My suggestion that upon reaching the desired score, we call Application.Quit() was totally worth implementing, but did not remain present in the project for long. It's like an escape room - to leave the game, you have to win the game.

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