Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All quiet on the blog front, but why?

If I had Post-It notes, and a fishing rod, and VGW was a boat, this would make more sense.
Sincerest apologies, hallowed fan who has been wondering where all the cool news, thoughts and updates about my gaming life have gone to. I have some 'splaining to do, I suppose. So I shall begin. It's always best to begin at the beginning, they say.

Sometime over summer, I think it was August, I sent an email to a gaming site by the name of I had originally come across their work via a retweet from none other than The Guild's Felicia Day. The site made an impression on me for how earnest it was. That's not to say that there didn't exist a sense of fun (after all, gaming is actually meant to be enjoyable. A factor that I believe is at times overlooked by some folks), but rather that they werent the sort to be delving into link-bait, such as 'Top 10 Stupid Game Thing Stupid Stupid' articles with about 20 consecutive pages with one line of text and an image, all designed to do nothing more than drive up revenue. Needless to say, I was impressed.

I did not receive a reply, and chalked it up to them no doubt suffering under the weight of a million budding writers trying to badger them for a chance to work on the site. It was inevitable that there would be someone out there who was better equipped than I. It was a shame, but I would continue to pursue other places if and when I found them. That was, until October.

Shortly after I returned from my séjour abroad pursuing love and fulfillment, shortly after I had gotten a new job, and long after I had forgotten emailing them, I received an email from Jason Evangelho, Executive Editor of VideoGameWriters. I was hired. Huzzah!

So, as a result of that, and crossed with being loaded back under the weight of a full-time job, my spare time for gaming has been divided between actual gaming, and reporting news and various snippets for It wasn't until my fiancée mentioned it to me this week that I realised that this page could probably do with a little love. I shall endeavour to double post my VGW work on here, as a living, breathing digital portfolio. Doesn't that just make you shudder with delight. Let me say it again: digital portfolio. Wow... I am so lame.

Keep Creating,

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