Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Porpentine's Big Chaos Game Jam: Streamy

I don't know where this originates, but it's so evocative and I don't know why.

Last weekend, Porpentine announced that she was launching a game jam specifically focusing on games created in Twine. One of my goals for 2013 was to take part in a game jam. As soon as I saw the news, I knew I had to start planning for Big Chaos Game Jam.

As a crusader for freedom of expression, her focus for the jam was straightforward and simple: DO WHATEVER YOU WANT AND HAVE FUN. I must confess that I can find this sort of freedom to be at times paralyzing. Without anywhere to start, where do I begin?

So I began with a literal 'In the beginning'. A white nothingness, into which a situation emerges. I pictured the blank-space Matrix world. Then I took a second to think about a list of ideas I had for games. Then I threw them away and charged forward with the intention of creating something unhinged, but unoffensive. I wanted to make something where every turn was a complete change. An Antichamber for the mind. I don't think I hit perfectly, but I gave it a decent first shot.

I wanted to experiment with the CSS editing in Twine, but I'm completely new to both areas, and in the end I couldn't find a productive way to test if my CSS ideas were working (any advice on this would be appreciated), and I wound up keeping with the regular layout. I need to further learn how better to accredit myself and title games. Right now they appear as Untitled Game, and their browser windows are titled Sugarcane, which is the particular version of Twine that I'm writing the games in, or at least that's what I think it is.

I did use the opportunity to teach myself a few new tricks with it, such as introducing html links, and the <<passage>> shortcut for repeating entries without copy-pasting. Small things, but every journey and single steps, and all that.

As I get more familiar with Twine, through simply using it, I'm getting great ideas, and I think as it stands, and as demonstrated in some of the games featured in the jam's collection, it's an excellent tool for subversive game creation. There's even controversy (unfounded) that Twine games aren't even games, and I think that makes them only more subversive for that intention.

I wanted to write all of that before offering a chance to try out my submission.


All of the Big Chaos Jam creations (Warning: many are NSFW)

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