Thursday, February 2, 2017

20170202 VR testing

Audioshield is a lot of fun.
Tonight we completed our testing that we had begun on Tuesday. Our conclusions remain mostly the same, with the exception that we saved a few 'best in class' entries for tonight, to avoid overly coloring our impressions of the others in the line-up.

Space Pirate Trainer is an excellent shooting gallery that results in quite a cardio workout as wave difficulty and intensity increases.

Budget Cuts has a particularly cool idea for modifying what the tracked controllers do, and I can almost definitely imagine using it in the future.

Overall our impressionss were:
  • Lots of physics and scripting is good and works well
  • As little animation as possible is fine - the player is largely more interested in how they can affect their surroundings.
  • If you do have loads of art and animation, it is very impressive but also looks acceptably very expensive
  • Games where you walk the least are the most engaging
  • Teleportation does not feel like 'the answer' to VR movement

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