Tuesday, January 31, 2017

20170131 VR testing night

Cosmic Trip is a beautiful game both technically and visually
This week, we opted to see what's out there in the VR market. We tested approximately 20-30 different games and experiences, looking for ideas on what works, and some already-established best practices (before we waste time stumbling to them on our own dev time).

Of tonight's tests, there were a couple of standout favorites, including Unseen Diplomacy and Cosmic Trip. Cosmic Trip is relatively deep in terms of design, so it's hard to get a real sense of it after just 40 minutes of testing. However, it's a seriously beautiful game, and impressive for what appears to be a small team working on it.

Unseen Diplomacy is a wonderful concept that suffers a little in its execution. That said, for $3 we got our money's worth, at least. When I first heard of room-scale VR, I had wondered how possible it would be to implement this concept, and the team behind UD have proved that it is possible, although it poses a huge number of edge-cases that are complicated to elegantly solve. Still, a lot of fun.

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