Thursday, January 26, 2017

20170126 - VR Prototype #4 - 8-way movement

A simple representation of our movement system

Tonight we finished the grid-based movement experiment, and are pretty happy with it.

We took the 4-way NSEW movement, and added the points between each of those, allowing full 8-way movement around a series of grid cells.

As it currently stands, you can look in a direction, and press the touchpad to be moved there. We also implemented an overhead map that is placed on your left-hand Vive controller for reference. This actually threw us into a pretty horrendous place that we inexplicably escaped. Something to do with using multiple cameras in a Steam VR scene in Unity. But we escaped, at least! We can hopefully fix this long-term if we come back to it.

This is the most impressive prototype so far, especially after just 6 hours of experimentation. We'll likely iterate more on this one after finishing our current schedule of experiments.

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