Wednesday, January 11, 2017

20170111 Machine Learning

Tonight I:

I'm taking a course in Machine Learning. Tonight I waded through the 'Getting Started' parts, as well as Data Preprocessing. Lots of packages to install, and fiddly things to fiddle with:

  • Installed R
  • Installed RStudio
  • Installed Anaconda
  • Using Spyder for Python

Learned how to preprocess a dataset:

  • Empty cells
  • Categorical data
This course is curious because it takes place concurrently over Python and R, giving you the how-to for both languages, one after the other in each lecture. I'm sticking with both for now, examining how tasks are performed in each language. I expect to choose one over the other eventually, likely I'll go with Python, but that is yet to be decided.

Next steps look to involve learning how to operate on datasets directly. Looking forward to it.

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