Thursday, April 6, 2017

20170406 Bug fixes, recalibration, and design whiteboarding

Tonight we got a lot done. It was good to have an evening of few distractions. We worked pretty solidly from 7pm until 10pm fixing bugs, recalibrating some problems with room tracking and our general feature tests, and we even squeezed in a whiteboarding session to map out a few directions that we are going to take our existing feature set.

My partner and I outlined three use cases that we feel will serve as a decent suite of concept proofs before we take the plunge on more hefty quality-of-life work that will follow, should these prove as enjoyable as we hope.

The plan from here is to spend two weeks on each of the three prototypes, moving onto the next if we happen to finish early, and then likely running some friends and colleagues through them to see what they think.

Things are looking good, and I still have to keep reminding myself that we've only been working on this idea for about a month (and very casually, time-wise), and yet it's moving pretty steadily. It'll be interesting to see how our first proof-of-concept works out!

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